Tired of complicated, rigid rules for your ecommerce fulfillment?

We know that running an ecommerce business is hectic, so we make warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping the easy part. If you have an ecommerce store, we can be your logistics partner. Zero requirements. Zero hassle. Unlimited flexibility.

(The best part? We hand-pick and pack every order with as much care and attention to detail as you'd give when doing it yourself.)

Easily connect your existing ecommerce store

Designed for small businesses like yours
Flexible and agile to fit your needs, now and in the future
Simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees
Based in Toronto, shipping across Canada and the US
Kitting, rush orders, design, printing, and other special requests
Freight + customs services to ship product from suppliers

What we do

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Easily connect your ecommerce store to our warehouse and we'll hand-pick, pack and ship your orders to your customers within 48hrs.

Freight Coordination

Looking for an easier or cheaper way to move product from overseas suppliers? Need to ship a couple skids within North America or around the world? We'll take care of it for you.

Kitting and Subscription Boxes

We can work with you to design and build unique kits with multiple products or monthly subscription boxes.

B2C + B2B

Whether you're selling single items to consumers or bulk amounts to other businesses, we've got you covered.

Working with 3PL fulfillment companies to run your business shouldn't be stressful

We know how the big fulfillment companies operate: rigid rules, no flexibility, customer service that takes days to respond when every hour (or minute!) matters to your business. That's why we built ShipO2O: we adapt to your business, not the other way around.

Fulfillment Features
No min/max orders per month
No min/max items/skus
B2C & B2B fulfillment
Flexible shipment packing processes
Integration with popular ecommerce platforms
Account Features
No up-front costs
Split billing
Simple pricing up front, no hidden fees
Dedicated account manager

Transparent Pricing

We strive to keep our pricing as simple and straightforward as our service.


Standard integration with your existing ecommerce storefront


Fee per-order picked, includes first two SKUs ($0.50 per SKU after that)


Monthly fee per-SKU


Monthly storage fee for standard skids


No receiving fees

We're passionate about small businesses with big dreams.

We've been entrepreneurs, small business owners, and ecommerce operators. So we've experienced (and still experience!) first-hand the stress that comes with running a business and how the right warehousing + fulfillment partner can help or hinder it. We operate as a small business and speak your language. We've designed our services around meeting the unique needs of your business, not the other way around.

We pride ourselves on customer service

Maybe you need an order rushed, a kitting job done fast, or are just having some technical challenges that you need to talk to someone about. We are here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your warehouse located?
In the Greater Toronto Area.
I don't currently use a 3PL and just ship from my home. Am I too small for you?
Unlike some fulfillment companies, we work with small businesses of all shapes and sizes. We don't mandate a minimum number of orders per month or a minimum number of products.
I just need someone to help me arrange some shipments. Can you help with that?
Yes! You don't need to use us for warehousing and fulfillment in order to benefit from our freight coordination services. We can help you arrange air, sea, and ground shipments, whether a full container or a couple parcels. We can even help with the (terribly unfun) customs paperwork. Give us a shout!